A new class of midbass and subbass drivers from Peerless.

With the new SLS platform design, Peerless have incorporated many of the features from the highly regarded XLS subwoofer platform. A variety of different cone technologies will be available for the SLS platform.
Furthermore a PA cone for high SPL is available. The SLS platform is available in sizes 8" and 12".

A. Low profile of basket

The low profile front of the basket is chamfered so that no countersinking is necessary. For rear mounting a rigid cardboard gasket can be fitted.

B. Rubber surround

For maximum durability and quality, the SLS subwoofer cones are fitted with rubber surrounds. For other applications cloth or foam surrounds are a possibility.

C. Various cones

For customization of sound Peerless is able to supply cones in different configurations. The cost effective pressed and coated paper cone with foam surround will give a crisp and forward sound, with a lean dry bass reproduction. The air-dried cone with rubber surround reproduces an even more rich bass sound.

D. Large dustcap

The large dustcap results in a "potent" look and leaves a very good printable platform for customization of the product.

E. Soft roll spider

The flat soft roll spider supports the cone movement and allows for more than 18mm ( 0.8" ) of cone travel. For maximum durability and a long lifetime, a carefully blended mix of cotton and Nomex has been chosen.

F. Aluminum or kapton voice coil

The 39 mm aluminum voice coil former ensures a very good heat dissipation of the voice coil during high power loads and reduces power compression. The high temperature wire stays in position even when temperature reaches 250C ( 482F). For special applications where high mechanical Q is needed, a Kapton or KaptonMTB voice coil former is available.

G. Undercut polepiece

The polepiece is undercut to allow for more cone travel without noise. The undercut also improves linearity, resulting in low distortion.

H. Vented pole piece

The pole piece has a very large bore leaving just the necessary steel for the magnetic flux. The result of this is very low compression. The bore has flared ends for quiet cooling.

I. Extended backplate

The deeply extended backplate allows for more cone movement and Finite Element Magnetic optimization ensures that the magnet flux is used to maximum by controlling the shape of the steel.

J. Strontium ferrite magnet

The powerful Strontium ferrite magnet has been manufactured with high precision which results in narrow frequency response tolerances and low batch variation.

K. Low compression basket

The design of the basket is an attractive curved shape which has allowed our designers to open up the basket much more than normally seen on a steel frame without loosing the strength. The low compression design also incorporates venting below the spider to further enhance the openness of the sound.